Do it Yourself headphones holder stand.
Keep headphones organized on your desk at home or at work.

Headphones holder stand

You can make a DIY headphone stand for $1 or even for free if you have a DIY clamp sitting around unused.

This life hack trick is very simple, use a  DIY clamp to hold the headphones.

Attach rhe DIY clamp to your desk or to a shelf near your desk. you can mount it horizontally or vertically rhen place your headphones on the clamp using a clamp as a headphone holder.

You can easily move it around or remove it if needed.

Any type of clamp can work but the best type of clamp to use is as seen in rhe viseo. This clamp is easy to fit to multiple surfaces and the holding power is more than enough to hold a few pairs of headphones at the same time.

If you prefer sometimg that looks nicer you can use wooden or decorative items that have a headphone stand function aswell.

The clamp is a quick and cheap alternative.


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